Project: Wayland House
Client: Wates

We were first approached by Wates Construction Ltd in the early part of 2015 to quote for the supply of decking to their new £28m landmark. After a few meetings in which we talked through our entire product range and their specific requirements, Dekco Products secured the contract to supply Wates with 3,400m² of our very own Dekco Composite Decking in July 2015.

Working together with Wates on the 20 storey build, the flagship projectfor their organization, we were acutely aware that the product needed tobe of highest standard in both appearance and performance. Thus thedecision was made for our Dekco Composite Grey deck boards to be installed on all balconies.

The top floor features two large communal roof terraces that boaststunning views across the London skyline. With such large areas to deck itwas decided that a mix of grey and chocolate brown be used to break upthe huge space. The advantages of this decking include an approvedanti-slip certification and a 20 year guarantee.

From start to finish we believe that this project could not have gone anysmoother and sincerely wish all future residents many years of enjoymentfrom their new and improved balcony terraces.



“Dekco Products have provided a reliable and professional service throughout the duration of the project which has met all of our clients’ needs. They have been quick to assist in all matters from delivery and logistics to design and technical support.

I have been thoroughly impressed with the quality of the product supplied by Dekco and it fits in with the high quality spec product we have produced for our client.

We have received a first rate service from Dekco and look forward to working with them again in the near future.”

Jordan Rigby
Wates Construction Ltd